Podcast Disscussion

In our most recent Consumer Behavior class, we spent most of the time discussing an episode of the Waking Up podcast talking about trends in the marketing industry.

The main thing discussed was security, We discussed the issue of passwords and as someone who cycles between passwords, I was shocked to see how some of us in the class are very concerned almost to the point of paranoia about security. I have no worry about security and I have no personal information online besides my name. We also talked about online presence and how anything you post online can be used against you in the future.

We Talked about censorship especially government censorship, and students from other countries talked about their experiences with censorship and some of what was discussed will stick with me.

We talked about advertising targeting venerable individuals and we debated whether or not it was ethical or strategic marketing. I personally believe that it is incredibly effective but I do believe it is unethical.

The main takeaway from this discussion is to be willing for your point of view to change. closedmindedness really prevents you from learning. Although my behavior may not have changed I learned about others views and can understand what they see. I can see the issue of identity theft and why people are concerned. whether it be about security or the issue of governments affecting the people’s beliefs, or venerability marketing peoples voices should be heard.



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