Thought Leader

A thought leader is someone whos views are seen as authoritative and influential. Naturally there are many thought leaders out their but I chose Lance Secretan.

Lance Secretan is a British Author, philosopher, Former CEO, Poet, Professor, Columnist, Child  actor,and athlete. The reason I chose him is that he has done so much in his life and has a large amount of knowledge that he uses to inspire others and hope he inspires myself and help me inspire others.

Lance has been named one of the top 30 most influential leadership experts in the world. He guides leadership teams and inspires them to transform their industries. He was born in the UK.

Lance does not have the largest online presence. He major place to find him is his website where you can purchase his books and follow his blog. He also has a Linkedin page where you can learn about him and read his plethora of articles and about his history as a teacher and an entrepreneur.

Things that I would like to know about Lance is his motivation for helping inspire people and if a event may have changed his life and started him on the path of author in inspiration speaker. I would also like to know what he thinks it truly means to be a a leader in this modern world.Image result for lance secretan


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